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How Finding the Spirit Within Can Improve the Chance of Success

I have been thinking a bit lately about what I can do to improve my coaching skills. I have a background in neurolinguistic programming, or NLP, cognitive behavioral therapy techniques, and other positive psychology forms, but I felt something was missing.

To be your best self and find self-fulfillment, you must balance your mind, body, and spirit (or if you prefer, your soul). Even though I offer self-run courses in all three areas, I focus mainly on the mind in my one-on-one sessions. If you are interested, you can check them out by visiting

My clients have issues with bosses, family members, friends, and romantic partners. I help them find ways to address difficult situations, which helps reduce anxiety positively. When people feel more settled in their minds, they can focus on other areas that need attention, such as taking care of their bodies by eating healthier and exercising. However, a good percentage don’t take care of their spirit. They are so focused on the physical parts of our world that they forget about spirituality. I am not talking about religion; I have clients who belong to organized religious groups, and they adhere to the practices associated with them. Many people have moved away from going to church, mosque, and temples, and for various reasons, I will not get into here. Some have become devoted atheists, while others are more agnostic. Then, some still believe in something; they just no longer practice. I was in this latter category.

I did not feel that my family’s religion was providing what I needed that many of the doctrines did not jibe with my beliefs. So, I stopped going to church. However, I did not stop being spiritual. My religious convictions are personal, and I only share them with trusted friends and family, so I am sure you will understand that I end that part of the discussion here. I will discuss some of the practices I use that are not tied to any particular belief system.

I have found that when my world is in turmoil, being outside, close to nature, restores my spirit. There is so much more to life than material things and business success. Being present at the moment and observing life around you, whether it flies, hops, or blows in the wind, allows one to reflect on what is good in the world. We share much more DNA with these living things than most people realize. Everything on earth is connected.

I try to take a moment when things are getting too much to handle to ground myself, feeling like my spirit is connecting me to the floor below and deep into the ground. I think to myself that I am firm and solid in my place. I can speak affirmations to myself that let me remember who I am and that I can overcome this obstacle.

Those are just some things I do for myself when times are rough. These small exercises let me brush off the chaos to think more clearly. I believe that restoring peace of mind is invaluable. Being stressed and out of sorts can stop people in their tracks, making it hard for them to move forward towards positive change. I must ensure my clients care for their spiritual selves, not just their mental and physical parts. It might make a significant difference in shortening the time it takes for them to reach their goals.

That’s all I have to say, and I thank you for reading this personal reflection.

Until we connect again, be safe, be well, and always be resolved.


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