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Good things are happening!

It has been quite a while since I wrote a post. I have been busy working on several projects, at least one of which I mentioned in an earlier post. At long last I finished my book, but it requires significant edits, which I expected. I am putting it on the back burner until the new year when I can be my all into it.

I had an idea for a course/program designed to help women in support roles, such as administrative and executive assistants, get past roadblocks that stand in the way of getting what they deserve. If you recall, I was an administrative assistant before I went back to school. It took a near-nervous breakdown from stress to open my eyes that there was something better out there.

I pondered whether there were women who felt like I did, underappreciated and overworked and worse, giving in and not dreaming of anything better. I didn't want that for anyone else, so I decided to discover if things had changed for admins or if they remained the same. I reached out to almost 700 women and was fortunate enough to interview twenty extraordinary ladies. I was appalled at how little had changed since I left business. I looked over all the responses and decided I would create a program to help them feel confident enough to dream big, create an achievable goal, and set a plan in motion to get them to the finish line. This is what has been keeping me so busy.

I wanted to share the happy news that "Thrive Beyond Your Nine-to-Five" will be launched for its pilot run at the beginning of the year. I am thrilled many of the women who I interviewed are on board. I am excited to start the journey with them, and I anticipate that we will all leave the experience changed for the better.

I plan to open this course to the general public sometime after the pilot and promote it on several sites. I will keep you all posted on how it is going and let you know when to expect the publication of my book, "Switching Currents: Turning Negative Thoughts into Positive Actions."

I haven't turned my back on my one-on-one coaching business. If you are interested in booking a free session, click here. Everyone needs a coach once in a while, even me.

I want to wish you all the happiest of holidays, no matter what you celebrate! Let the spirit of the season fill you with joy and happiness.

Always remember, be resolved.


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