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It is Time to Make Time for You

I don't think many of you know that I am not working this summer; there were few classes available, and the one they offered was tough for me to do. I decided not to make my life more stressful, so I begged off. Hence, I am a free agent, at least from my day job. I am still happily coaching.

I am enjoying my time off this summer. I did not realize how much I needed the break until I got one. That thought led me to my topic today – prioritizing ourselves.

As women, we frequently put others first; it is part of our mothering instinct. It isn't a bad thing. Could you imagine if every person on earth just put themselves first? I can say that perhaps a third of the population does that, but that is merely my opinion from some of the encounters I have had with the less-than-selfless.

I know you have heard me talk about this topic in the past. It is so important to keep reminding you all that you deserve to be first once in a while. Many of you agree with me, but you still can't find the time to have "me" time, and when you do, you feel guilty.

Stop feeling guilty!

I don't mean to sound bossy and pushy, but someone must be firm about the importance of self-care. It helps you feel better about yourself, improves mood, and boosts energy levels. It has a trickle-down effect; if you feel good, you will be more of a joy to be around. What is your temperament like when all you do is take care of others without thinking about yourself? Are you exhausted, a bit testy, and just praying for the time the kids go to bed? Even if you don't have kids, how are you around friends and significant others?

I know it's hard, but you can fit in some self-love and still be there for those who depend on you. Whatever you do doesn't matter as long as you feel good about it. Go for a walk, get your nails done, take a fitness class, take up a hobby, read a book, etc. It might be a shameless plug, but my self-help book "Switching the Current" would be a fine choice.

During the summer months, your options for outdoor activities are increased, so take advantage of them while you can. Can you believe it is already July? I know I am making sure to milk every ounce of goodness out of the nice weather. My garden has never looked better.

That is all I have to say right now. I said it all with love. If you still can't get past the guilt and are feeling down in the dumps, get in touch with me. Even if you don't want formal sessions, remember that the first session is always free, and I try my best to ensure the person I am coaching gets the same treatment I give my paying clients. I aim to have every person I coach walk away feeling better about themselves and their current situation. My number is 845-705-8288; text me or email me at

I wish you the best of everything. Remember, always be resolved.



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