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What To Do When People are Dragging You Down

Life can be challenging at the best times but can seem daunting when trying to elevate yourself and your career. You will have moments of self-doubt; we all do, but many of us learn to overcome and not let it stand in our way.

We need support and encouragement as we do our hardest to make strides in our business; we don’t need skeptics, detractors, and “well-meaning people” saying things like, “If you fail, you can at least say you tried.” Yet, I bet many of you can list people who fit the above description.

You know what I say? Let it go in one ear and out the other. Yes, that can be hard, but it is necessary. Think about why they are being so negative. It is a sad fact that people do not like when friends and family succeed. Here is an interesting article from Forbes on the topic.

It is partially envy, but it is fear. Fear that you won’t be the same person, that they will get left behind. Many might feel that they no longer measure up, making them insecure. Some of these people might disappear from your life for a while; don’t worry; if they care for you, they will get over it in time and be back. I lost some close family members when I was in graduate school. It took over ten years, but we reconnected.

Please take away from this that you can’t let the noise stop you. Keep growing and keep moving forward toward your goal. Your success will change you but for the better. You will have more self-confidence and believe you can do hard things. This will encourage you to help others do the same. Remember, those naysayers are making remarks because of what is happening with them, not you. Indeed, they probably don’t even realize it. Don’t listen; smile, shrug, and move on.

It is your journey; you get to decide what to do. If you don’t ask for advice, you don’t have to take it when it is freely offered, especially when it doesn’t jibe with what your gut is telling you.

Be strong, keep moving, be the best you can be, and always be resolved.


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